FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you realtors ? 

North of the Border Home Buyers is not a real estate brokerage, we do not hire realtors, nor is any member of our team a real estate agent or broker. We buy and sell off market real estate because we understand the priorities of our sellers. We are able to provide flexible terms, and can be accommodating to any specific or individual situation each of our sellers may be in. As a seller you do not need to worry about renovating the property, having people walk through your house, or any other personal concern of yours. We are here to help you! 

What are the total fees and expenses? 

The seller does not incur any fees or expenses when selling through North of the Border Home Buyers. We do not take commission so you will receive the full closing value of the property. In some circumstances we are even able to pay for the closing costs associated with the transaction. 

Is there an obligation if I would like to receive an offer on my property?

North of the Border Home Buyers provides no-obligation offers for your property. We will provide a fair value offer on your property and if we are unable to negotiate a final agreed upon price, there is no obligation to close on the property. You will not be locked in to any terms or conditions and can proceed to sell your property through any other means.   

Where does North of the Border operate? 

We operate throughout Eastern Ontario. 

Will I receive a fair price for my home? 

We will provide you with a fair offer on your property based on the condition of your home, the estimated required repair costs, current market conditions, and by comparing your property to other recently sold homes in your area.